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We are Distributor of KOENG CO., LTD. is the Korean exporter and the market leader for supply, delivery, installation, training, calibration and maintenance of Automotive Service Equipment. We are providing top quality garage equipment products and services to car and commercial vehicle workshops to more than 40 countries from North America, South America, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa.

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We speciality market Diagnosis vehicle inspection for any car's, truck and heavy duty car.

Our products is: Emission Gas Analyser, Opacity Meter, Sound Level Meter, Speedometer Tester, Side Slip Tester, Wheel Load Meter, Roller Brake Tester, Axle Play Detector and Headlight Tester.


  • Video Gas Analyser
  • Video Opacity Meter
  • Video Software Emission
  • Video Software ABS Combi Tester